Secondary Market: A "How To"

What is the Secondary Market?

The secondary market is the buying and selling of plates previously sold on the primary market by The Bradford Exchange to collectors. Secondary market prices are determined by the collectors themselves who are buying and selling plates. Many of these trades take place through The Bradford Exchange, while many others are transacted through dealers and newspaper ads. In many cases, secondary market prices could be higher than those of the primary market. Of course, not all plates go up in value; some go down. Prices may fluctuate daily and we suggest that traders call The Bradford Exchange to guide them in placing buy or sell orders on the Exchange.

What is the Bradex?

The Bradex lists hundreds of the most actively-traded plates on the Trading Floor. You can find out the issue prices of your plates and our best estimate of the value. Every plate is identified by a Bradex Number. You may contact us for information on plates that are not listed on the Bradex.

How can I buy or sell back-issue plates on the Exchange?

The Bradford Exchange computerized trading system is a revolutionary trading system that puts the collector's plate market as close as your phone or mailbox. It is a fast and easy way to buy or sell back-issue collector's plates traded on The Bradford Exchange to fill in missing plates in your collection and take advantage of market fluctuations.

The Bradford Exchange is at the heart of the collector's plate market, and the Trading Floor gives Bradford's brokers up-to-the-minute information on latest market movements and plate availability. Your buy or sell transaction can be confirmed - instantly.

It's easy - when you want to buy or sell a plate, just call The Bradford Exchange Trading Floor toll-free at 1-800-265-9052 weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Local callers can phone 519-452-1990. A Bradford broker will quote the price, and if you decide the price is right, you can confirm the trade while you are still on the phone.

If you have a large number of plates to sell, we suggest you refer to the Bradex to ascertain the current quotation price. You may then e-mail or mail your list of plates to us (consult our Contact Us page for the mailing addresses). We need the Bradex number, the name of the plate and your selling price (before the 20% commission is deducted). Your plate will stay active on our Trading Floor for 90 days at which time your sell-order will expire unless you call or e-mail the Trading Floor to renew your listing.

It's safe - Bradford guarantees your transactions.

Do you charge a brokerage fee?

A commission is charged to both buyer and seller. The commission is 20% to the seller and 3% or $3.00 to the buyer to support our guarantee policy. Once a trade has been made, we will make every effort to honour your trade should either the buyer or seller not fulfill the obligation.

What is the "Want List"

Often collectors are looking for older plates to complete their collections and we have no sellers. The "Want List" is a current listing of all bid-orders we have on the exchange - plates we want to purchase on behalf of a bidder. If you have one or more of these listed plates, you can call the Exchange and sell your plate provided it is still needed. A 20% commission is deducted and you are responsible for the shipping costs. All plates must arrive in mint condition in their boxes with certificate (if the plate was issued with one). Flawed or broken plates are not accepted.