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LOCATION: Dealer shall only sell the products at the principal location listed on this application, unless Gallery Marketing Group consents to the other location(s) in writing. Chain stores are no exception.

Dealer recognizes and acknowledges that Dealer has not been granted any exclusive territorial or any other exclusive rights under this Agreement. Gallery Marketing Group reserves the right to establish additional dealers at any location at any time at Gallery Marketing Group’s sole discretion. Dealer shall not sell the products at any other location(s) than stated on this page of this contract.

PRODUCTS: If approved, Dealer agrees to purchase products from Gallery Marketing Group for sale only at its principal place of business as above, or by mail order to its customers. The Gallery Marketing Group can, at any time, elect not to sell our products or discontinue the sale of our products to the Dealer. This agreement is personal to Dealer, and any attempted assignment or transfer by Dealer of this agreement or any rights hereunder shall be void.

Credit Terms will be strictly enforced.

Applicant understands that in the course of evaluating this credit application The Gallery Marketing Group may employ third parties to obtain information. By signing this application we agree to the terms of the Privacy Act agreement.

We may use, give, obtain, verify, share or exchange information with banks, other suppliers, credit bureaus and landlords regarding our business.


Dealer Shall:

  1. Sell the products for premises with a store front and maintain such premises in a clean and attractive state. nothing to be listed for sale on Ebay or Amazon.
  2. pending approval of credit and location account will be activated upon receipt official opening order.
  3. pay all invoices for products when due in 30 days from invoice date.
  4. initial order for new accounts, shipped C.O.D. or VISA/MASTERCARD (you will be called for your credit card information)
  5. returns only on defective products(s) for replacement and GS program products for credit

* - required