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The all-time Western hero saddles up and goes to town on the first illuminated cuckoo clock honoring John Wayne. This two-foot long wood-encased treasure is handcrafted to look like an old West clapboard building with a projecting illuminated porch crafted of artist’s resin. Simply flip a switch and hidden LEDs light the standing image of John Wayne in the swinging doors, casting a dramatic shadow over the floorboards.

On the handpainted wood facade above, discover a precise quartz clock with old-fashioned numbers, golden hands and a thrilling portrait of John Wayne riding into the sunset on his horse, Dollor. A brass-toned pendulum swings gently underneath alongside two decorative pine cones.

Of course it wouldn’t be a true cuckoo clock without the hourly entertainment. So at the top of every hour, the little doors at the top swing open and a handpainted sculpt of John Wayne’s horse pops out accompanied by the sounds of galloping hooves.

Clock measures 24 inches tall by 5 inches deep (61 by 12.7 cm.) including hanging pendulum and weights.

Requires two D batteries and one AA battery, not included.

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