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Artisans of every age have been inspired by the story of Jesus to create glorious artworks that celebrate Christ’s life, death and resurrection. But never has there been a collection of sculpted Limoges treasures like this one issued by the venerable porcelain house of Henri d’Arceau & Fils of Limoges, France.

In the traditional way of centuries past, artisans from d’Arceau-Limoges have created 12 Heirloom Porcelain® Limoges Boxes that reveal the Greatest Story Ever Told. Each handcrafted Limoges Box is fully functional with a gold-plated Cross clasp and a handpainted sculpted scene from the life of Christ on top.

As you build your collection, you can follow the path of Jesus from His Nativity in Bethlehem to Baptism and Ministry in Galilee to His Passion, Death and Resurrection in Jerusalem. The extra-large “Last Supper” Limoges Box completes the collection and is available for the same price as a smaller box.

Crafted of metal filigree, the nearly three-foot long custom display is a work of art in itself representing the shining symbol of redemption. The beauty of the art is multiplied 12-fold when you place each Limoges treasure on the shelf designed for it. Best of all, the display Cross is included FREE with the purchase of the entire collection.

Display measures 30 inches (76 cm.) tall.

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