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In its metamorphosis from humble cocoon to gossamer wonder, the butterfly is an enduring symbol of change and transformation. And with any change, it all begins with hope and the faith that miracles can happen. Now, this powerful symbol soars with the first-ever Thomas Kinkade Gardens of Paradise Sculpture Collection, limited-edition crystalline butterfly sculptures, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.

Each of the butterfly sculptures in this collection is handcrafted of sparkling crystalline with deeply faceted edges that capture and reflect light - just like costly cut crystal. The flawless clarity of the crystalline creates a luminous \"frame\" for Mr. Kinkade\'s glorious garden art - with its lush flowers and blossoming trees - on each butterfly\'s outstretched wings. Lustrous sliver plating on the faux-jeweled antennae enhance each shimmering butterfly. As a meaningful finishing touch, precious words from Scripture convey a message that recalls your convictions. Upright display stands on the backs of your butterfly sculptures make them easy to display.

Measure 4-1/2\" W x 6\" H; 11.4 cm W x 15.2 cm H

Crystalline is a unique combination of resin materials chosen for its brilliance and clarity.

The Garden of Prayer ©1997 Thomas Kinkade

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