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Springing from a cautionary cartoon by Mexico’s Jose Guadalupe Posada, about excessive festivities around Dia de Los Muertos, La Calavera Catrina instead emerged as its most popular ambassadress, gaining widespread popularity as the patroness of the holiday. Now, a stunning 14 inch-high illuminated sculpture captures her at her most elegant and celebratory. Presenting the La Calavera Catrina Illuminating Masterpiece, available only from The Bradford Exchange.

Masterfully sculpted and dressed in her holiday finery of an elegant gown bedecked with rich embroidery and roses, this exceptional tribute is hand-crafted of the finest artists’ resin and then hand-painted with breathtaking finesse. Both she and her feline companion bear the intricate sugar skull facepaint that reminds all of their mortality. Her flowing locks are crowned in more roses and feathers, paying tribute to Aztec goddess Mictecacihuatl, Queen of the Underworld, who shares many of La Catrina’s attributes.

In place of her original hat, La Catrina carries a parasol, also adorned with sculpted dangling skulls and a painted skull motif. It is perfect to reflect moonlit illumination down upon her pale, white skin, enhancing her immortal beauty.

Measures about 13¾ inches high

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