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Fans of Betty Boop™ know the secret to life is all in the attitude. If you set out with confidence and positivity, you will always have a way to make each day brighter and more fun. Now, bring Betty\'s signature attitude to every day of the year with this delightful Betty Boop™ Perpetual Calendar Collection, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Uniting 12 charming sculptures of Betty Boop™ celebrating each month of the year with a unique sculpted perpetual calendar display, it\'s the perfect way to add some Boop-Oop-A-Doop™ to every day. The collection includes 6 sets of two sculptures and the Perpetual Calendar Display with 63 date, seasonal and special occasion tiles, each sold separately.

From January\'s celebratory charms to July\'s patriotic pose to December\'s festive frolics, each handcrafted Betty Boop™ sculpture in this collection is hand-cast, individually hand-painted and incredibly detailed. Each sculpture\'s month is featured on its base. The grandly sized custom-designed display features a classic black finish adorned with adorable lipstick kiss motifs. Shelves along the sides showcase your sculptures all year round; mark each month by simply moving its sculpture to the shelf at the top of the display, arranging the date tiles, and adding specific tiles for any special occasions or events in the coming month.

Sculptures measure approximately 9.5 cm H; calendar display measures 40.6 cm W x 54.6 cm H

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