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This all-new six-sided lantern design stands 14½ inches tall, is crowned by a realistic arrangement of holiday evergreen, and is finished in a bright holiday colour that rivals Santa’s suit for its bright tone. Peer inside and you’ll discover St. Nick himself, hand-crafted and hand-painted in intricate detail, adjusting his glasses as he opens a large volume of holiday poems and stories to enjoy along with his Christmas Even snack. Surrounding him is all manner of holiday cheer, from a fully-trimmed tree with presents underneath it, to one of Thomas Kinkade’s beloved paintings beautifully framed on the wall.

At the touch of a switch, brilliant illumination brings the moment to wondrous life. Column’s of light on each edge of the lantern shine brightly, as does additional lighting concealed under the top of the lantern. It is this lighting that projects through the different shaped cut-outs in the lantern, creating a pattern of diamonds and tiny points of light on the surrounding surface, whether a tabletop or mantel. A 24-hour timer controls the lights for your convenience.

For the perfect crowning touch, press a button and listen with wonder to the voice of Thomas Kinkade himself readings the familiar poem, “The Night Before Christmas” in its entirety.

Measures 14½ inches tall. Requires 3 \"AAA\" batteries, not included.

Intended for indoor use only.

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