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Quench your thirst for retro style with the COCA-COLA Wall Clock, available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Officially licensed by The Coca-Cola Company, this polished clock is completely self-setting and always accurate to the second. It remains in sync with the official source of U.S. time in Fort Collins, colourado, meaning you never need to adjust it - even for Daylight Saving Time.

Topped by the bold COCA-COLA logo, vintage COKE® artwork is skillfully hand-applied to the glass-encased face of this impressively sized clock. As darkness falls, it lights up! A handy built-in sensor recognizes when it gets dark, cueing hidden energy-efficient LEDs to automatically illuminate the clock\'s face and effervescent imagery with a golden glow. Plus, the housing is crafted of gleaming weather-resistant chrome to provide a stylish touch of COCA-COLA decor to your home, indoors or outdoors.

Ready to hang for immediate display

Requires 1 \"AA\" battery and 4 \"D\" batteries (not included)

Measures 18\" in diameter; 45.7 cm in diameter

©James Hautman, Courtesy of MHS Licensing

©2019 The Bradford Exchange