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The beauty of artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s sweet fairies is that they embrace the world with open arms, exploring the splendor and hidden treasures that await us all. Now in her exclusive new Guardians of the Great Spirits collection, each endearing fairy embarks on a sacred adventure with animal spirits inspired by the Native American culture. And in the Premiere Issue, “Midnight Call,” this enchanting fairy seeks guidance from the wolf spirit to help fill your world with inner strength.

Every detail is brought to life by skilled artisans who sculpt and paint each issue by hand. In “Midnight Call” alone, you’ll be in awe of her gently curved butterfly wings (that represent bringing a powerful transformation into your life) and her full headdress where each and every sculpted feather shares a story of her life adventures … from her maiden outfit with turquoise-colored accents and sculpted fringe to her wolf dreamcatcher that instills a sense of instinct, intelligence, freedom and awareness for the importance of social connections.

And gently dangling from her chieftain headdress, soft, genuine feathers add a symbolic hint of realism to this one-of-a-kind work of art.

Measures approx. 4" high.

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