COMBINE CAR 1920-1940

Item Number: 1407934002

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In honour of Mickey Mouse and all his Disney friends, Hawthorne is proud to present The Magic of Disney Express. Each richly decorated train car joyously captures a decade of Disney characters from your favourite Disney films with all your beloved friends aboard—Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White, Goofy, Pluto, Tinker Bell and more. An heirloom quality train with impeccable details, it’s magically embellished with the genius of Disney. As you watch the old-fashioned steam engine pulling the lighted cars around the track, you’ll be transported to that magical place where you never have to grow up. Fans of Disney can appreciate the extraordinary wealth of authentic detail devoted to every inch of this heirloom-quality On30 scale train. With its precision detailing and Disney artwork, the 2-6-0 steam engine looks incredible.

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