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The RMS Titanic was considered the biggest, most luxurious and safest ocean liner ever built, an ocean-going expression of the industrial might and glittering wealth of the Gilded Age. In 1912, the Titanic raced across the frigid north Atlantic and inevitably hit an iceberg, leaving fewer than one-third of the passengers and crew alive. Now, commemorate this historic wreck with The Legendary Shipwrecks Golden Crown Coin Collection, a limited-edition presentation available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange Mint. This unique collection of legal tender, 24K gold-plated coins begins with Issue One, The RMS Titanic Legendary Shipwreck Golden Crown Coin.

Each golden Crown coin in this collection is richly plated in 24K gold and presented in Proof condition. Your first coin features the famous Titanic in full color and displays the date and location of the April 14th, 1912 disaster. Future coins will commemorate more legendary shipwrecks with full-color imagery and dates. The obverse of each coin showcases Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Plus, each issue arrives in a crystal-clear capsule for preservation. The edition is limited to 2,000 complete collections.

Coins measure 1.5" in diameter; 3.8 cm in diameter.

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